Hurricane Protection

The house has been built to meet Miami Dade Cat 5 Hurricane building code

A generator that can fully power the whole house comes on within 10 seconds of a power failure

Generator can be run if necessary during storms by switching air intake from exterior to interior

A UPS battery back up system maintains power to all electronic devices and 1 lighting circuit in each room during generator startup

A 9’ disguised sea wall protects the property, tennis court and sea wall

Ground floor is over 14’ above sea level

Stone wall on verandahs provides protection to 17’ above sea level

Basement is fully tanked with solid poured concrete walls

Only entrance from outside is via a submarine door

House is capable of de-watering itself in the event of a flood

A 56,000 gallon cistern collects water that is used for irrigation

With a commercial grade water filtration system, cistern water can provide potable water to the house in the event of a loss of service

All windows and doors are hurricane resistant

Monier roof tiles have been double-bolted and glued to the roof

Great Room has a structural steel roof

Other roofs have wooden trusses attached to the structure with hurricane straps

Great Room window has additional removable hurricane shutters providing protection to 22’ above sea level

AC water chiller and satellite dishes are protected behind mansard roof

Electrical room is 25’ above sea level on protected side of house

Security system runs over radio frequencies so not dependent on phone service